How do I practice Transcendental Meditation?

lady-practicing-transcendental-meditationTranscendental Meditation has become a household name around the world because it is the most popular and most highly researched meditation technique available. The question naturally comes as to how to practice Transcendental Meditation?

The Transcendental Meditation technique is a very ancient procedure that has been taught throughout the ages. It is usually practiced at home in the morning and evening for about 20 mins. A person will sit in a nice chair and effortlessly and silently repeat a specific mantra (a meaningless sound given by the TM teacher). This will very naturally take the mind deeper and deeper until it reaches the source of thought, the transcendental field which is beyond thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Only a qualified teacher can properly train a person how to transcend properly and the technique is taught in a 7 step course over a few days. Then the Transcendental Meditation teacher will guide the practice of the student over the coming weeks and months until the technique is completely natural and practiced correctly.

Why can’t someone learn how to practice Transcendental Meditation on the internet?

You may find websites claiming that they’ll teach how to practice TM over the net or by a CD but the truth is that this will no longer be Transcendental Meditation. Can you remember learning to ride a bike and finding how valuable it was to have a guide to hold you handle bars while you tried to peddle and balance? It would have been next to impossible to learn to ride with just a book or CD and you probably would have had many injuries along the way. Similarly with TM you need a certified teacher to show you the correct practice and to make sure that you’re not straining or concentrating which actually can be harmful to the human mind.

What are the Seven steps to learning how to do TM?

1) Have an introductory lesson to learn the overview and possibilities of Transcendental Meditation practice.

2) Have a preparatory talk about the nature of the TM technique and how it works and how it is different from other meditation techniques.

3) Have a personal private interview with a certified teacher to prepare for instruction.

4) Have the personal instruction in receiving your specific mantra and how to effortlessly practice it.

5) Have a checking session to ensure you are practicing correctly.

6) Have second checking session learning more about the mechanics and experiences you may be having.

7) Have final day checking session to understand higher states of consciousness and human potential.

*These seven steps happen over a few days and last for a maximum of 1-2 hours.

Click here for the official website on how to practice to Transcendental Meditation.

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